June 2013

The May meeting of the First State Brewers was held at the home of Kevin McMullin.

The Big Brew 2013 was a great success. Thanks again to JoeBob for hosting!

The bus trip to Heavy Seas was also a great success. Moving forward let’s look into the cost of a charter bus for events like this for both comfort and beer jostling… Future bus trip ideas to Flying Fish Brewery – tours starting up in June 2013.

The National Homebrewers Conference in Philadelphia is quickly approaching on June 27-29. Donated kegs of beer are welcomed and do not necessarily have to be entirely full kegs. Kevin finished up the banner design during the meeting and it looks great. Scott is getting the banner stand constructed from PVC. Moriah is waiting on an official yes or no from Iron Hill regarding a loaner jockey box. If no, there were a few volunteers for other options.

The Delaware State Fair “Battle of the Brews” will be on July 20th, with judging starting at 9am, tastings from 5-8pm, and the awards ceremony at 7pm. Entries were limited to 100 total, with a maximum of 2 entries per brewer. Remember that if you entered beer, the drop off deadline is July 6th. Mark your calendars. We made a great showing last year as a club – let’s do it again.

The June 14th meeting will be held at Chris Corbin’s home in Newark, DE near the University stadium. He is planning to take the day off from work to get the smoker up and running with some ribs if all goes as planned. Ideas for a guest speaker were mentioned, with suggestions being Mark Edelson and/or Larry Horwitz from Iron Hill Brewery. Emails have been sent to both of those individuals to see if they would be interested/able to make the June meeting.

The July 19th meeting will be held at Brian Light’s home. We will be discussing BeerSmith software and troubleshooting issues that people are having.

Thanks again to Kevin McMullin for hosting the May meeting!

Here’s the attendance and beers brought by club members.

Scott BieberPilsner
Brian LightMaibock, Westie Clone
Kevin McMullinBelgian Strong (Modified)
Bob FullmerCherry Cider, 1503 English Ale, Smokey Porter in Bourbon Barrel
Bob Schmidt
Dan Wightman
Barb McMullin
Mariah Guise & Brian VerdineBlack Raspberry Lager, Scotch Ale, Wheat
Ralph BartholdCalifornia Lager
Bob WeirCantaloupe Wheat, Belgian Saison
Marty DrinanBlack Raspberry Wit, Blueberry Wit, Mystery Beer
Tammy Perlot
Scott PerlotKolsch, English Ale
Chris Corbin
David Reese

By the way, if you haven’t joined the First State Brewers Facebook Group, you are missing out on a lot of great brewing discussion! We have lots of fun, too! This is different than the Facebook Page we have. The Group allows us to interact with one another. :-)

June Meeting

The June meeting of the First State Brewers will be held at the home of Chris Corbin on Friday, June 14, at 7:30 pm.

1203 Janice Dr.
Newark, DE


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