June 2009

The May meeting of the First state brewers was held at the home of Scott Bieber.   The following were in attendance:

Name Beer
Scott Bieber         IPA, Kolsch, Amber
Marty Drinan       Cherry Chocolate Vanilla Stout (yum)
Tom Shuey           Duffer Ale Amber
Hank Keller           Blue Moon
Dan Gianaris

A topic of discussion at the meeting was the Big Brew (5/2/09) event the week before.  The following were in attendance:

Name Beer Brewed
Dave Lawrence
Scott Bieber             Belgian Wheat Ale (extract- 5 gal)
Joe Jacobs               Saison DuMont (all grain- 10 gal)
Brandon ?
Jeff Daniels              SS Minnow Mild Ale (all grain- 10 gal)
Marty Drinan
Brian More
Jeff Ramberg
George Coulter      Utility Ale (all grain- 10 gal)
Hank Keller
Laura Palmer
Rob Pfeiffer
Tom Evans

(Too many great beers were brought for me to list here)

The June meeting will be held this Friday, June 19th at 7:00.

(Note the earlier starting time)

Hosting the meeting this month will be Joe & Marlana at their ‘How Do You Brew’ homebrew store.  The meeting starts at 7pm and must end promptly at 10pm.

How Do You Brew
Shoppes at Louviers
203 Louviers Dr
Newark, DE 19711

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