July 2009

The June FSB meeting was held at “How Do You Brew?” in Newark, hosted
by Joe and Marlana Gallo.


Home Brewed:

George Coulter – Utility Ale and a Rogue Yello Snow IPA
JoeBob – Coriander Especial, Saison Dumont, Keller Kolsch, Skotch
Strong Ale
Hiedi & Dave – Dortmunder
Jeff Daniels – Oatmeal Stout, Sweet Wheat
Rob Pfeiffer – Twin Lakes Pale Ale (Counts because he brewed it!)
Jeff Frey – Oktoberfest, ESB, Wheat Ale
Kent Springs – Heffewiezen, Pale Ale
Mike Mansfield – American Pale Ale, Belgian Dubbel, Big Brew SS Minnow
Marty Drinan – Saison
Joe & Marlana – Kolsch, Joegarden

Store Bought and other attendees:

Seth Tolbert – Nothing but appreciation for beer, first meeting, brews
aging to perfection
Dave Lawrence
Jeff Ramberg – Lambic
Laura Palmer – Victory St. Buisterous, Wicked Womens Matahari, brews
aging to perfection
Brandon Subach – Flying Dog Wit Bier
Joe… Not sure what he brought or if it was home brew

Thanks to all that showed, it was a great turn out!

The next meeting will be held and the home of Mike Mansfield on
SATURDAY, July 18th. This will be a day meeting/picnic, we will be brewing will Jeff Daniels 10gl system.

*** We still need a recipe
*** If you have any suggestion please reply. Once a recipe is
decided on, it will be posted and if anyone wants to contribute
ingredients please reply with what your offering up.

Until Then, Happy Brewing!


Directions to he July Meeting:

We’re going to start brewing at 11:00. Jeff will come by around 10:00 to get his system setup.

I’ll have dogs, burgers and chicken on the grill. If anyone wants to grill something else they can bring it along. Also, any sides that anyone wants to bring would be great.

603 West Clearview Avenue
Wilmington, DE 19809

Home: 302.793.7763
Mobile: 302.438.2687

Google Directions:


5 Replies to “July 2009”

  1. So firstly, I’m assuming we’re going with an ale? Or is someone stepping up to lager the brew? For my 2 cents I say we go with something “sessionable” but what still has character. Maybe a Brit mild or bitter. Or a good ole’ American pale ale.

  2. I put a couple recipes through Tastybrew.com and got some good looking beers, but since I’ve not gone AG yet I have a few questions. Since we’re shooting for a 10g batch, what’s the boil volume going to be? (I put in for a 12g boil but hey, I’m known to be wrong. Really, REALLY wrong. Just ask my wife.)

    American Amber
    15 lb US 2-row
    5lb Crystal 60L
    1oz Magnum 60min
    2oz Willamette 5min
    2oz Willamette 1 min
    Maybe an abbey yeast?

    American Brown
    18lb US 2-row
    2lb Crystal 60L
    1lb Honey malt
    1lb Chocolate malt
    2oz N. Brewer 60min
    4oz Cascade 5min
    2oz Cascade 1min
    California Ale yeast?

    Whaddaya think?

  3. Nobody come up with anything else yet? Well, for those interested, here’s what Tastybrew came up with for those 2 recipes I put in earlier:

    OG 1.053
    FG 1.013
    IBU 34
    SRM 16
    ABV 5.2

    OG 1.059
    FG 1.015
    IBU 38
    SRM 23
    ABV 5.7

    Also came up with a bitter:

    12 lb 2-row
    .75lb Munich dark
    .75 Carafoam
    .5 Chocolate
    1.5 oz Brewer’s Gold @ 60 min
    1.5 oz Fuggles @ 5 min
    1 oz East Kent Golding @ 2 min

    OG 1.039
    FG 1.010
    IBU 32
    SRM 12
    ABV 3.7

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