Feb 2012

The January meeting of the First State Brewers was held at the home of Moriah Guise & Brian Verdine. Our hosts served some delicious, eye-watering chili!

Scott Bieber showed pics and described the weldless brew stand he plans to build out of slotted angle steel.

Marty arrived straight from a ski trip. Here he is seen lifting the largest cat he could find! LOL!

The attendance and beers brought by club members were as follows:

Scott BieberIPA, Kölsch
Mike MansfieldHarvest Ale, Midas Touch, Chicory Stout
Justin & Cay Tressler? Lister
Moriah Guise & Brian VerdineRed Ryder
Laura PalmerFunkin Punkin, Palmer's Dry Irish Stout, Wayside Saison
Dan WightmanGrapefruit Hefeweizen, Holiday Ale
Ben SelinGushing Hefeweizen
Bill KingMild, TMAVE (?)
JoeBob JacobsBelgian Punkin Ale, Punkin Porter
Kent SpriggsBelgian Strong Ale, Dark IPA, Sweet Sparkling Mead
Wes & AmyLocal Harvest Ale, Orval Clone
Marty DrinanNøgne Imperial Stout, Otter Creek Cuckoo Bock

The February meeting of the First State Brewers will be held at the home of Roy and Theresa Simonson on Friday, 2/17/12 at 7:30 pm.  I have invited Steve Powell, owner of the new nanobrewery, Argilla Brewing Co. at Pietro’s Pizza, which is opening next month on Kirkwood Hwy. Also, in case you are sitting on the fence deciding whether or not to come, Scott Bieber will be bringing his Chocolate Cherry Stout to the meeting! :-)

Directions & Instructions:

We are at 512 Lisbeth Road Newark, DE 19713. Google or other maps services will locate us nicely. Access from the south, east, or west is typically from Route 4. Access from the north will typically bring one down Marrows Road to Old Newark or Red Mill Road.

Our phone is 463-9873 for individuals with questions.

We do ask that people come prepared to take their shoes off as we do not wear street shoes in the house. Sock or bare feet are fine and we do have some house shoes/slippers if people don’t bring their own slippers and want something to wear on their feet.

Roy and Theresa

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