Dec 2015

The November meeting of the First State Brewer’s was hosted by Scott Bieber on November 20, 2015.

Meeting Attendance

Wayne HannaPale Ale, Maple Stout
Scott BieberPumpkin Ale, IPA, Saison, Belgian Strong
Henry KramerHard Cider
Robert DrummondAPA, Raspberry Ale
Jeff RambergAssorted Ciders
Scott PerlotEnglish Bitter, Miss Betty
Tammy PerlotCyzer, Hard Cider, Threat Level Purple
Tom KennedyStone Clone, 2 Hearted Clone, Sierra Nevada
Marty DrinanWinter Beer, Ommegang Abbey, Slingshot Dunkel
Dave DeGennaroRussian Imperial Stout
Chris HaugCitra Pale Ale, Flanders Red, Cider
Russ Giordanowith Tom Kennedy
Craig Wensell

I apologize for any misspellings in the translation from the handwritings. Send any corrections to Wayne Hanna at

We had a great turnout on a crisp fall evening. Nominations were opened for club officers. Here are the nominee’s

  • President             Brian Light
  • Vice President   Tammy Perlot
  • Treasurer            Scott Perlot
  • Secretary             Wayne Hanna

One thing that should stand out is that there is only one nominee for each office. Not only will we vote for club officers at the December Meeting, but we will also be open for more nominations. Let’s try and make the elections a bit more exciting.

A discussion of how we actually get our members was very enlightening. Most new members seem to come from either the website or the Facebook page. This is just a reminder to be an advocate for the club when you come across other home brewers. The more active members we have the more fun this club will be.

The floor was opened up for future meeting idea. Here are the ones we came up with

  1. Having a tasting of off flavors.
  2. Having a BJCP judge come in.
  3. Have a representative from Brandywine Coffee in.
  4. Seeing if any hop company has a rep that could come in.
  5. Have the meeting at a local brewpub.

It would be nice if someone would step up and take a lead in planning any of these possible meeting ideas.

We would again like to thank Scott Bieber for hosting the meeting as such a gracious host. We owe Scott thanks for all he does for this club not just his gracious hosting.

The next meeting will be December 11 hosted by Marty Drinan. Look for a meeting notice to confirm time and place.

December Meeting

The December meeting will be held at Marty Drinan’s house on Friday, 12/11, at 7:30pm.

719 Elkton Road, Newark, DE