August 2015

The July meeting of the First State Brewer’s was hosted by Brian Light July 17, 2015. It was a beautiful summer evening that allowed for some outdoor time until the uninvited mosquitoes showed up.

Here’s the meeting attendance.

Scott BieberSt Feulllien Saison
Wayne HannaIPA, Wild Pale Ale
Bill FisselSchwartbier 2 Blondes Centennial IPA
Bob Dreibelis
Vanilla Stout, Blonde Ale
David ReeseDavid Reese
Henry KramerMunich Dunkel Lager
Andrew CoughlinCider
Craig WensellPecan Porter
Brian LightVarious taps
Carlie MaheurinLong Table Farmhouse Ale
Stacie MaheurinSprocket Rye Kolsch

I apologize for any misspellings in the translation from the handwritings. Send any corrections to Wayne Hanna at

Craig Wensell led a discussion on how we as home brewers can help to inform regulators and politicians on home brewing and the blossoming beer culture in Delaware. The level of awareness is low and needs to be raised. We also discussed how as a club we could advocate for change and modernization of regulations to allow our culture to flourish. Good luck Craig in dealing with getting your permits for Bellefonte Brewing in place.

We would again like to thank Brian for hosting the meeting as such a gracious host

Ron Price has now opened Blue Earl Brewing in Smyrna. Stop by and support a fellow
brewer. Also be on the lookout for other members that are going pro that will be opening soon.

The next meeting will be August 21st at How Do You Brew.

August Meeting

The August meeting will be held at the How Do You Brew store in Newark on Friday, 8/21, at 7:00pm.

203 Louviers Dr, Newark, DE

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