April 2012

The March meeting of the First State Brewers was held at the home of JoeBob Jacobs. This was the largest crowd at a club meeting that I can ever remember!

Club president, Kent Spriggs, gave a welcome speech to new attendees.

Enrique Espinosa, from Twin Lakes Brewery, brought their stout to sample.

Guest Speaker Ron Price running for AHA Governing Committee, would be representing the Northeast, requested all AHA members vote by midnight April 1, 2012. (UPDATE: Ron won!)

There are 30,000 AHA members as of last month & growing!

Battle of the Brews sign up begins April 1st – get your entries together!!

The Big Brew is May 5, 2012, 8am rain or shine, if it rains bring your pop-up canopy.  This year the Big Brew will be at Scott Bieber’s house in Middletown, DE.

Kent requested ideas for fundraisers, specifically designs for t-shirts & glassware. Monies raised will go to maintain the website, and any excess will be put towards a bus for trips & brewery tours for members. It was also decided that a $1 donation will be requested upon sign-in at meetings, which will also be used as stated above. A total of $54 was collected as donations at this meeting.

Here’s the attendance and beers brought by club members. I’m sure there were more people than this at the meeting, but you just try to get everyone to sign in! LOL!

Scott BieberChocolate-Cherry Stout, IPA
Marty DrinanWeasel Boy Russian Imp, Ebulum Elderberry Black Ale
Brian LightCherry Wheat
Jason BreaultSaranac White IPA
Bob & Sue Straughn
Roy & Theresa SimonsonBanana Bread Beer
Kent SpriggsPremium Bitter, Dortmunder Rye
Chris McBrideRussian Imperial Stout
John BoyerPunkin Ale
Ben MarvelPumpkin Ale
Josh RoartyJaderweizen, Abbygail's IPA
Jamie HendersonWinter Ale, Pumpkin Ale
Dave HendersonSimcoe IPA, Killer Lite Ale
Moriah Guise, Brian VerdineHoney Porter
Chuck McKennaFarm House Ale (wild)
Chris CorbinPhoenix R.I.P. Russian Imp Porter!
Enrique EspinosaTwin Lakes Stout
Nick Lynch
Haven BaerIIPA & Gotland Drika (sp?)
Blair HickmanGiGi - Evo -BA
Dan WightmanChocolate Mild
Scott & Tammy PerlotBlueberry Wit, Blackberry Wit, Chamomile wheat, Firestone Walker Double IPA
John Zugger
Mike KohlerKölsch
David Reese
Amy Bullard
Ron Price
Dave Clarke
JoeBob Jacobs

There is now a new AHA banner link at the top of our webpage!
<b>Join the AHA today!</b>Please click that banner to purchase an AHA membership and some of your membership dollars will go towards our club. When we click on the AHA Web Banner we are redirected to the AHA’s online store. The AHA is able to track this so that any US, International, or Family memberships purchased by that click-through will make money for our club. A one-year = $5, two-year = $6 & three-year membership = $7! Every quarter of the year the AHA will send us a check and report to us for any AHA memberships that were purchased via that banner link.

The April Meeting of the First State Brewers will be held at the home of Scott Bieber on Friday, April 20 at 7:30pm.

Gadget Night! Bring your favorite brewing gadget (purchased or DIY built) and show it to the club! You will be asked to present your gadget to the group and describe how it was made or how you use it to help you brew!

From I95, take Rt. 896 south, cross the canal bridge and pass the Summit Airport.


Turn Left at the intersection with the Walgreens and Exxon Station on the left. That remains Rt. 896 (aka Boyd’s Corner Rd.)


After about a half mile, Take the first left onto Ratledge Rd.


Then in a few hundred yards, turn left on Crystal Run Dr. going into our development (Crystal Run Farms).
Take the 2nd left onto our street (Lennox Dr.)


Our house is #7 which is straight ahead at the end of the cul-de-sac.


7 Lennox Dr.
Middletown, DE
Phone number (302) 376-9017.

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