Researchers get $1Mil to see if hops helps menopause

Looks like scientists in Chicago are looking for some bitchy women to sample some cold ones.

UIC to study if beer ingredient helps menopause
April 12, 2005

Can an ingredient in beer help relieve symptoms of menopause?
Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago will get $1 million a year for five years from the National Institutes of Health to try to find out.
UIC is one of five botanical research centers nationwide awarded federal grants for research that will include studying hops — an ingredient in beer — for relief of menopause symptoms and chaste berry to relieve premenstrual symptoms.
”We’re trying to make some sense of it,” said Norman Farnsworth, a college of pharmacy research professor.
Scientists already are doing a clinical trial to see if two other plant-based, nutritional supplements — black cohosh and red clover — relieve such menopause symptoms as hot flashes.
The research reflects the reality that about 38.2 million American adults use plant-based supplements.
”Given that millions of Americans are using natural products, these research centers are critical to helping us determine whether and by what mechanisms botanicals may serve as effective treatments or preventive approaches,” said Dr. Stephen E. Straus, director of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which is part of the NIH. AP