alcoholic seltzer water

The Return of Chazz’s Brew News

I read the other day that Anheuser-Busch was coming out with a new alcoholic seltzer water (their products do not deserve the honorific “beer”) with caffeine in it. Not surprisingly, quoted authorities described it as miserable, but is that a surprise? As long as A-B, Miller, and other producers of alcoholic seltzer water (hereafter i will refer to this group as “Coorsweiser”) are run by people more interested in cornering shelf space than in producing quality beer, we will continue to get concocted trash of this sort in never-ending attempts to corner shelf space. Ice beer crashed and burned, red beer crashed and burned, i hereby predict that caffeine beer will crash and burn. (I must admit that lite beer has been commercially successful, unfortunately this success just encouraged the jerks.)