2017 Delaware State Fair “Battle of the Brews” Contest

The Delaware State Fair hosted the 7th annual “Battle of the Brews” contest this year with a “Rock of the 70s” concert and Craft Beer festival. First State Brewers wants to congratulate all of the winners, especially our own club members. We’re happy to share the recipes of our club members who placed this year. Click the links below to view the recipes and notes from the brewers. Enjoy!

Dave Reese – 1st Place Category 011: Strong Lagers and Hybrids
— Recipe Coming soon! —

Chris Moser – 1st Place Category 009: Spice/ Vegetable/ Herb
Coconut Curry Hefeweizen

David Hamilton – 2nd Place Category 003: Porter/ Brown Ale
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Porter

David Hamilton – 3rd Place Category 010: Strong Ales
Scottish Wee Heavy