Beer Tour of Harrisburg

Tour of the Troegs and Appalachian Brewing Companies

Appalachian Brewing Company
Had lunch at the Appalachian Brewing Company. Their Kölsch was awesome!
Tröegs Brewing Company
After lunch we went to the Tröegs Brewing Company to take the 2:30 tour.
John Trogner
John Trogner, who owns the brewery with his brother Chris, gave the tour.
John Trogner
It's a special thing to have the brewery owner conduct the tour.
Tröegs Fermenters
Nice view of some fermenters along the tour.
John Trogner
This was the first tour in years when I have heard the word 'wort' pronounced properly, rhyming with the word, 'hurt'.
Beer aging in oak  barrels
Some special batches aging in oak barrels.