Proposal – Trip to Lancaster Brewery

Hey, I propose a trip to Lancaster Brewery.  They have plenty of take-home growlers and sixthels.  I’ve been there myself.  Its quite an interesting place.  The building itself is quite rustic.
I want this to be a learning experience.  Can we arrange a trip and organize it before the next meeting? Anyone else interested?

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  1. Thought I’d bump this idea. I have seen enough stainless steel tanks to say a brewery tour is boring after the first tour. Now if you can get the head brewer to give the tour and not a PR talking head it could be interesting. In that case you could drop tour and just have an informal sit down with brewer.

  2. The head brewers will let us sit in during a batch or three if we want, but it has to be on a weekday. I suggested we wait until the yahoos gawking at Amish people are not in the way. November would be great. I’m off Mondays.

  3. I called the GM again today to find out when the best days are to go.
    I made sure that he knew we weren’t interested in just a tour… I told him we’ve already seen a few metric tuns of steel….(I threw in a pun). But, they will give a tour and samples on a weekday.
    He said the brewers are short staffed on Mondays, so Tues-Fri are the best days to sit in. He said depending on the brewers down-time, we can actually have discussions with the brewers.

    I’d have to see if I can get off…I suggest sometime next week.

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