Here’s an email I just received regarding the Beer Wars movie.


April 16, One Night Only

We thought you’d be interested in seeing the message and passion of small brewers making it to the big screen. We haven’t seen the film yet, but have heard great things and many of our colleagues are interviewed in the film.

Here’s a message from the films director, Anat Baron.

beerwarslivetheatreposterIn 8 days, a very special event is coming to movie theaters across America. Beer Wars Live combines the new documentary film Beer Wars with a talk show style panel immediately following. The film’s message is simple — it’s time to provide consumers with choice and allow them access to the beers they want to drink.
This event is as mainstream as it gets. Few independent documentaries are screened in 440 theaters (even if only for one night) and no documentary about beer has ever screened in any movie theater

I hope that you’ll come out to support this film and event created and produced by an entrepreneur whose story of bringing this film out mirrors that of craft brewers trying to get their beer to market. Please help support the craft beer movement by showing up at a theater near you.

Check out the website
I hope to see you next Thursday via satellite.
Anat Baron

For more information, visit
Purchase tickets for the LIVE event on April 16th at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/8pm PT (tape delayed) at

Brewers Association • Boulder, Colorado
1.888.822.6273 (U.S. & CAN only) or +1.303.447.0816