How Do You Brew? has officially moved!

Yes, ‘How Do You Brew?’ has officially moved to their new location at the Shoppes at Louviers on 203 Louviers Drive, Newark DE, 19711 across from the Bank of America complex on Paper Mill Road. Marty Drinan and Scott Bieber were on hand representing the First State Brewers to help Joe and Marlana with the move.

Joe and Marlana have their work cut out for them as the mess you see around them needs to be cleaned up and moved to their new store!

Here, Joe is busy carrying merchandise out of the store.

Careful with that! That’s a grain mill your moving!

Every available vehicle was needed to move as much as possible in one trip!

Reality sinks in when you take down your sign!


Here’s the new store! Looks great, doesn’t it?

There is so much shelf space! Joe will now be able to stock everything he has always wanted to carry!

Marlana is busy getting that inventory plugged into the computer!

Look for the new store to be open this Saturday, October 6th!