Drink a beer and think of Michael Jackson

As you probably have heard by now, the Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson, has passed away. I was shocked when I read John Biggins’ email. Heidi Derr just sent me an article by Lew Bryson that had me in tears. The comments on Lew’s post tore me up!

I remember when I first got into brewing close to 20 years ago and watching “The Beer Hunter” on the Discovery Channel. Soon after watching it on TV, I ordered a copy of the video for my self. The First State Brewers made many trips to the University of Pennsylvania to see him at the annual Book & the Cook beer tasting event. On one occasion I got him to sign my copy of the World Guide to Beer.

Through Michael Jackson’s video and writings, I developed my interest in beer and my desire to travel to other beer brewing regions of the world. My travels to England and Germany are proof. I’m sure he will be in my thoughts when I go to Ireland next Spring, as well.

So, this weekend I urge you all to seek out the best beer you can find and salute the life of this great man!

UPDATE: Also, thanks to chazzq for alerting me to an obituary in the Washington Post.

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  1. I got to meet Michael at the UPenn tasting a few months ago. It was the evening tasting, and Michael was “in his element” after hosting several tastings during the day. We got to discussing some London pubs I had visited. I am glad I got to meet him and discuss one of my favorite topics. Cheers Michael!

  2. I just assumed I’d meet Mr. Jackson sooner or later, in Philly or at a brewfest. I guess I’ll meet him through his books. Netflix doesn’t have The Beer Hunter, so I’ll have to borrow it from someone.

    I enjoyed an Old Rasputin while brewing the clone for Cindy on Labor Day.

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