Google Group : 1st State Homebrewers

Ever wanted to ask fellow club members if anyone was brewing this weekend? Or had a particular strain of yeast? Or wanted to go to that beer even this weekend? Or had an urgent technical problem?

In an effort to foster increased intereaction amongst us FSB’ers, I have taken it upon myself to start the First State Homebrewers Google Group.

This is designed to provide up-to-the-moment info that we may wish to share with each other Re: all things beer.

In addition to the blog, this allows everyone to contact everyone else, and you will have the option to receive all updates by email instantaneously, or once a day as a bundle ~ however you like !!!

To avoid spam, etc. this is an invite only page, so feel free to share this to all members and non-members within the local community and bordering areas (Delmarva, SE Penn, NJ, etc.)

Contact me directly for an invite

See you online!

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