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From: Heavyweight Brewing Company
Sent: Jun 16, 2006 9:25 AM
To: Beer Lovers
Subject: Heavyweight News


I trust that everyone in the NYC, NJ and the Philly area is getting excited about the upcoming 2006 NJ Beer Fest. This year’s fest will again be held on the pier of the NJ Battleship at the Camden waterfront on Saturday, June 24th from 1-5pm. All the brewers in NJ (those that care about good beer and good beer drinkers, anyhow) will be there pouring nearly 50 NJ-made beers. Your ticket also allows you to tour the historic ship. For more info, check out www.njbeer.org or www.battleshipnewjersey.org. The revenue from this fest supports the NJ Battleship Museum and the not-for-profit Garden State Craft Brewers Guild which promotes craft beer in NJ. Please come out and support the NJ brewers.

As for Heavyweight, many of you have no doubt heard that we are closing up shop at the end of June 2006. We sympathize with the faction out there that feel sorry for themselves about our closing; we will also miss many of our beers. But you should not feel sorry for us. Heavyweight was designed to essentially be a one-man operation. We know that in order to allow Heavyweight to grow (as it wants to) we would have to dramatically change that basic design and we’re not willing to do that. Instead, we choose to stop Heavyweight, while (in our opinion) it’s on top of it’s game and redirect that momentum into another project. We don’t have any details for you now, except to say that it will be a pub/restaurant with a small brewery. The wheres and whens are still to be sorted out. We’ll keep you posted.

In order to have an opportunity to says thanks and goodbye for now, we are hosting one last wacky Heavyweight open house gathering. This time it will actually be two open house gatherings; Saturday, July 1st and Sunday the 2nd. Each day will run from 1-5 pm and we should have a bunch of beers on tap. We recently brewed a sour-mashed rye and a wild rice beer and both will be on tap. As always, bring whatever beers you’d like to share and please bring something non-perishable for our local foodbank. Hunger is something few of us truly experience and is a disgraceful thing in such a wealthy land.

If you can’t make it to the open house, Andy’s Corner Bar is throwing Heavyweight a Tribute night on Wed., June 28th starting at 6pm. George, Barb and Tom are giving us most of their tap space and we’ll be there to show our love for one of NJ’s best beer bars.

Thanks again to all of you who made these past seven years so enjoyable for us. Remember, you are the reason that craft brewers do what they do. Thanks for supporting small breweries everywhere.

Tom and Peggy

ENGLAND’s massive army of World Cup fans is drinking Germany dry

I found this online today!

Germans fear weii going to drink them dry
By Jeremy Armstrong
28 June 2006

ENGLAND’s massive army of World Cup fans is drinking Germany dry, it emerged yesterday.

Breweries warned beer could run out before the final because of huge demand from our supporters.

In Nuremberg, organisers revealed 70,000 England fans who flooded the city drank 1.2MILLION pints of beer – an average of 17 pints each.

Astonished bar keeper Herrmann Murr said: “Never have I seen so many drink so much in such little time.”

His bar at a fans’ tent in the city ran out after they drained all 32 of his 50-litre (11 gallon) barrels.

Herr Murr calculated Britons were shifting beer at a staggering rate of 200 pints per minute.

City official Peter Murrmann said: “The English proved themselves world champs. They practically drank us dry.”

In Cologne, where England drew with Sweden, bottles and barrels of the local K?lsch beer ran out because so many English took them to campsites and parties.

Stuttgart bar chiefs said an extra 900,000 pints were sunk last weekend where 60,000 fans partied before and after our 1-0 win over Ecuador.

The Veltins brewery also revealed it has produced a record 418,000 gallons in a bid to keep up with demand.

A spokesman said: “It is incredible how much is being drunk but the hardest thing for the breweries is keeping up with the thirst of the English.”

In Dortmund, where most fans for England’s Gelsenkirchen clash against Portugal on Saturday are staying, the giant DAB brewery is bracing itself by ferrying in extra supplies to boost production.

Beer may protect you from getting prostate cancer

Good news for us beer drinkers :-) It says, that Beer may protect you from getting prostate cancer :-)



Bier könnte laut neuer US-Studie vor Prostatakrebs schützen
Dienstag 13. Juni 2006, 11:52 Uhr

San Francisco (AFP) – Bier könnte laut einer neuen US-Studie vor Prostatakrebs schützen. Der Hopfen-Bestandteil Xanthohumol bremse die Krankheit, heißt es in einer am Montag veröffentlichten Studien der Universität Oregon. Allerdings müsste der gesundheitsbewusste Trinker rund 15 Halb-Liter-Gläser leeren, um den gewünschten Effekt zu erzielen, warnte Emily Ho, Leiterin des Forschungsprojekts: “Die negativen Auswirkungen des Alkohols könnten die gesundheitlichen Vorteile des Bierkonsums zunichte machen.”

Der Studie zufolge wäre es aber möglich, Tabletten mit Xanthohumol-Konzentrat herzustellen. Auch könne der Xanthohumol-Gehalt in Hopfen gesteigert werden. Deutsche Wissenschaftler haben bereits ein Bier gebraut, in dem die zehnfache Menge des Wirkstoffs enthalten ist. Die Brauerei Weihenstephaner vertreibt ein derart hergestelltes Hefe-Weißbier und vermarktet es als Gesundheitsbier. Wissenschaftlich bewiesen sei der Effekt bisher allerdings noch nicht, sagte Fred Stevens, Co-Autor der US-Studie. Auch die nun vorgelegten Ergebnisse müssten noch durch weitere Tests erhärtet werden.

“Es ist der Traum jedes Mannes, dass Pizza und Bier Krebs verhindern können”, fügte Stevens hinzu. Auch in Tomatensoße war kürzlich ein Stoff gefunden worden, der die Krankheit aufhalten könnte. Allerdings warnte Stevens, keine Ernährung könne ein sicherer Schutz gegen Prostata-Krebs sein. Notwendig sei vielmehr, dass Männer regelmäßig zu Vorsorgeuntersuchungen gingen