Heavyweight Brewing News

Just got this email from the Heavyweight Brewing Company!

From: Heavyweight Brewing Company
To: Beer Lovers
Subject: Heavyweight Brewing News
Date: Feb 17, 2006 10:50 AM


We’ve been criticized for not sending out enough emails to tell you what we’re up to. We don’t know about you, but with all the unsolicited mail we receive, that seems like asking for trouble. The truth, is that we’ve simply been equal parts busy and lazy. We do try to answer all the email that we receive at this account (not always as promptly as we would like), so if you have a question or suggestion, send it along. Thanks.

We have been busy making and selling a lot of our regular offerings. But we have not given up on the OTOP beers. That’s the One Time beers that are brewed in a single batch. We have decided, for the next go around, to enlist the assistance and enthusiasm of our homebrewer friends. We plan to make 3-4 beers with some of the area homebrew clubs. The first one is finished and will be packaged this evening (in 750ml glass). It was made with the able bodies from the PALE ALES (that’s the Princeton And Local Environs Ale & Lager Enjoyment Society). Together, we brewed an assertive Pilsner-style lager made with a goodly amount of rye malt. It’s called Ivy League Pils, it’s 7.3% ABV and 56 IBU’s. The next brew will be made with the Woodbridge-based WHALES club (talk is that it may be an oft-kilter Scotch Ale). Stay tuned.

For those of you in driving distance of the brewery, the next Open House/Tour and Tasting will be Saturday, March 11th from 1-4pm. We will feature the new Pils on draft and you can buy bottles to go. We’ll also have another one or two drafts for sampling. If you’ve never been to an open house, here’s the skinny: we don’t give tours unless you’re really insistent, we put out some simple grub and you’re welcome to bring something if you like (we have no oven/microwave), we have a ping-pong table but it’s always covered with beer bottles, you may bring beer (homebrew or otherwise) to share (everyone else does) and you may bring your friends and family. These gatherings are a wonderful way to meet fellow beer lovers. This time, we have one more reason for coming out. Our friend and fellow brewer Al Duvall has agreed to perform for us. If you haven’t heard this Brooklyn singer and songwriter yet, you’re in for a treat. His sound has been described as a Mummer’s Parade marching through a methadone clinic. Al plays the banjo, guitar and mouth harp and sings songs that are sharp enough to kill you. Personally, we’re just thrilled that he’s playing here and when he gets real famous, you can tell people that you saw him play at Heavyweight. Hope you can make it.

We’ll be out and about or have our beers at the following events:
Feb. 18th – Beats, Brews and BBQ @ World Cafe Live in Philly.
Feb 25-26th – Brazen Head Cask Head Fest in Brooklyn
Feb 26th – Slow Food Event @ Triumph Brewery in New Hope, PA
Mar 4-5th – Split thy Skull (Big Beer Fest) @ Mugs Alehouse in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn
Mar 18-19 Celebration of the Suds @ Atlantic City Convention Center

Hope to see you soon and thanks for supporting small breweries and advocating better beer.
Peace and love,
Tom and Peggy