Let’s go to England!

This will make our next trip to England a little more convenient. We won’t have to worry about when the pub is going to close!

New UK drinking laws start peacefully — for now
Thu Nov 24, 2005 10:32 AM ET
By Katherine Baldwin

LONDON (Reuters) – The introduction of extended drinking hours passed off peacefully across England and Wales but police said on Thursday the biggest test would come at the weekend.

The race against the 11 p.m. closing bell encourages Britons to drink excessively while the eviction of boozers from pubs all at the same time spurs the violence and vandalism that plague town centres, they say.

“At last adults in this country are going to be treated like grown-ups and given a little bit of choice about having a social life beyond 11 o’clock,” said Mark Hastings, spokesman for the British Beer and Pub Association.

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The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) is gearing up to celebrate the 7th Annual Teach A Friend to Homebrew Day on Saturday, November 5–as always the first Saturday in November.

Teach A Friend to Homebrew Day is our way of sharing this great hobby with our friends and family. Please help us make this year’s Teach A Friend to Homebrew Day a success. You or your club can host a Teach A Friend to Homebrew site. So, on November 5, gather those beer enthusiasts in your life who are not yet brewers or members of your club and brew up a batch of homebrew.

And while your at it, participate in the Teach A Friend to Homebrew Day Contest. The Teach A Friend participant that signs up the most AHA members from their brew site will win a complete set of the Belgian Series books. Titles include: Farmhouse Ales by Phil Markowski, Wild Brews by Jeff Sparrow and Brew Like a Monk by Stan Hiernoymus.
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For more details and to register your site online visit www.beertown.org/events/teach/index.html.

Happy Brewing!

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