Lite Red Ale

Finally got to brewing the light Red Ale kit I got for my birthday.
I’ve developed a tendency to get a yeast starter going on day 1, brew the wort on day 2, then pitch the yeast early on day 3.
Well, the yeast didn’t start, so I went last night to Wine and Beer Emporium to snag some new yeast (I’m trying a new American Ale blend). I started it last night, and pitched it this morning.
I’m in a hurry again because it has to get in the secondary before we leave for our Mexico holiday.
I’ll let you know how it goes . . .

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  1. Wow. You let the beer sit for a day before pitching? I guess its still wort at that point. Are you racking of trub on the second day and then pitching; Is that why?

    You’ll likely not see this due to your vacation, which will hopefully go well. I thought the Playa del Carmen area got hit pretty bad last month. Do you dive as well?

  2. Really, because I’m lazy and don’t want to chill everything. But, I forgot about cold break, so I will change it up. I basically boil three sets: 2 waters, then the wort (I only have a 2.5 gal pot).
    What I’ll try next is boil the two waters as before without worrying about chilling, and chill the third for the cold break.
    I then mix them and let ’em sit overnight. My yeast starter this whole time has been in the basement, so by the next morning, everything is the same target temp – no worries.
    Thanx for the tip – I can rack from the trub B4 pitching the yeast. That might gimme a little more O2 by racking, and a better stir for the yeast!

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