AHA Membership Drive a Success

Need a lot of coffee this morning, as I stayed at Iron Hill until 10:00 last night! Had a lot of great beers and met a lot of nice people at the event. I’ll try to recap what went on, before I forget!

First of all, the event was held at The Iron Hill Brewpub on the riverfront in Wilmington, Delaware. We were out on the upstairs deck overlooking the Christina River and the weather was perfect! The deck was already crowded as I arrived at 7:05 carrying a large bucket of ice. I immediately spotted several members of the First State Brewers. John and Cindy Cook were at a table enjoying a meal and some beers, while Jerry Carney, Marty Drinan and Garrett Sever were in line to meet the AHA rep and get an armband. I spotted John Biggins off to the right in line for a beer.

As Garrett said in his earlier post, he was a little uptight. I think he was expecting for us to have a boot setup for our club so we could greet people and serve beers. I told him to relax and have a beer; we’d meet everyone before the night was over. Garrett said he wasn’t drinking, but he didn’t say why. Too bad!

Shortly there after, Louis Glick arrived with his wife and infant daughter. Louis had been very active in the club many years ago and then fell off the face of the Earth! He surprised us a couple months ago when he showed up to a meeting at Marty’s house! It’s good to see him getting back involved.

Eric Dolbow was also there when I arrived. I believe I mentioned everyone from the club.

Marty brought 3 kegs of homebrew. Initially, he didn’t know where we were supposed to put them, so he left them behind the beer tent. I initially left my keg of British IPA in my car, until things got rolling. At some point, however, Mark Edelson brought Marty’s kegs out and set them in front of a small table that we commandeered, signaling that it was OK for us to serve! I quickly went to my car and fetched my keg to add to the array of homebrew!

At the event, I met with Terry & Doug of the SANDALS homebrew club from lower Delaware. They spoke of an event they’re organizing at the new Fordham brewery in Dover and invited our club to join them. Terry said he would contact me with more details.

Speaking of the Fordham Brewing Company, I also met Walter Trifari, the head brewer there. He invited us to hold meetings there on occasions, if we would like. That sounds like a great idea!

I met Ric Hoffman of the Stewart’s brewpub. Ric extended the invitation to our club to meet there, as well. Later in the evening, I spoke with Al Stewart. He gave me a handful of t-shirts to give away, with I did!

I met with Jay White, an AHA sanctioned beer judge in Delaware. Jay offered to help organized beer judge testing for members of our club. That also sounds very interesting! I’ll pass along more details when I have them.

At one point in the evening, Mark Edelson of Iron Hill, stood on a chair and addressed the crowd. He thanked everyone for coming and announced that the $1/beer proceeds from the commercial beers that Dogfish, Iron Hill, Fordham, and Stewards served are being split amongst the homebrew clubs that participated. That was a very generous and unexpected surprise! However, I forgot and left with out the check! I’ll have to send Mark an email! :)

That’s about all I can remember at the moment. I’ll add to this if I think of anything I forgot!


Lite Red Ale

Finally got to brewing the light Red Ale kit I got for my birthday.
I’ve developed a tendency to get a yeast starter going on day 1, brew the wort on day 2, then pitch the yeast early on day 3.
Well, the yeast didn’t start, so I went last night to Wine and Beer Emporium to snag some new yeast (I’m trying a new American Ale blend). I started it last night, and pitched it this morning.
I’m in a hurry again because it has to get in the secondary before we leave for our Mexico holiday.
I’ll let you know how it goes . . .


What’s a kegbot? Well, it’s a mini fridge with a keg inside, plus a linux based computer. The system keeps track of who you are, how much you’re drinking and in team mode- where you rank. Check out the project page here and some other statistic goofiness here.

As an avid computer geek and homebrewer, this I have to try.

PS – Take two of the honey wheat is doing nicely in the primary as we speak.