Longer British Pub Hours

There was a small article in the News Journal today with the headlines, “England’s pubs getting longer hours.” I thougt that was interesting, since we will be spending a few days in York, England at the end of March. A quick search located the following article in the BBC News: Britons ‘fear longer pub opening’. Now, I don’t believe that for a second. I think that article is an invention of the British press trying to push an anti-drinking agenda, if you ask me.

They have these crazy laws over there that close all the pubs at 11:00 p.m. Supporters of the law change say that the early closing causes people to get trashed early and all pour into the streets at the same time. This, it’s said, is causing rioting in the streets. Changing the law to allow pubs to be open 24 hours will eliminate the need to binge and eliminate the mass exodus at any particular time.

However, according to this article, Britons are scared that longer drinking hours will create MORE drunks. I kind of doubt that. Like I said, I doubt this article is accurate. I think most Britons welcome the longer drinking hours.

Unfortunately for us, this law won’t go into affect until next November. I guess that means when we go, we will have to drink heavily before the pubs close!

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  1. I lived in London for a year- that’s exactly what happens. People go to the pubs right after work – still dressed in suits and ties. They load up quick before closing time. Most times, closing time involved a lot of bartenders yelling “DRINK UP!!” and lights being turned off while people were still finishing their drinks. As far as the article goes, I don’t think it would cause a bigger problem to stay open later.

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