Is Beer No Longer “Cool” in Germany?

John Biggins discovered this article in Spiegel Online.

With Brewery Closures, Germany Faces Brauereisterben
Germany and beer have long been synonymous. But that is changing. With Monday’s closing of two large breweries, the crisis facing the industry appears to be deepening. An aging population is partly to blame. But beer, as it turns out, just isn’t cool anymore.

Beer no longer “cool” in Germany? Well, they sometimes serve it warm, but I don’t think that’s what this article is talking about. I find this very hard to believe. Myself and a few other members of the First State Brewers went to Germany 2 years ago and we’re going back again at the end of March. Beer seemed just fine with the folks we visited with 2 years ago. I’ll let you know if beer is still cool after we go back!

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