Introduction to Homebrewing

Here’s a great article I found in Brew Your Own magazine that is an introduction to homebrewing.

Your First Brew

I like to tell people that brewing beer is as easy as making soup. I call it an addictive hobby. If you’re a beer lover, there is nothing like the feeling of drinking and sharing your own tasty brews! It is also fun to fill the entire house with the aroma of hops and malt and listen to the kids complain that it stinks! lol

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  1. Its not quite as easy (or forgiving) as making soup, however it isn’t quite as hard as people might think, particularly if you’re one of us lowly extract brewers.

    As for addictive – yeah. Its more an obsession than a hobby….

    I keep my boils out on the porch or in the garage – I don’t think I want everything to smell like wort for a few hours (days??)

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